About Us

Opremedia is a branding and event production consultant and we do branding, content production and event production.

Opremedia is founded & led by Maria Oprenova, a high-flying marketing executive with 19 years of international management experience at media, telecommunications and advertising. Maria Oprenova has a BA degree in mass communications from the American University in BG and MBA from IMD, Lausanne.

We believe in the creation of brands, movies and events that convey compelling stories and emotionally engage with audiences. Our work gives our clients and our viewers the feeling of wholeness and relevance, refinement and integrity. Thanks to our approach audiences naturally immerse in the flow of story, led by the red thread and surprised positively by creative, unexpected little details. Wow effect is targeted and achieved!

We love flashy campaigns and you can rely on us to create glamorous and stylish high-end event experiences. We also love big scale and we know that some ideas are meant to be expressed in a big way. Contact us if you also look for large canvas for your big ideas.

Our core team is with a combined international experience of over 50 years in graphic design, marketing communications, event production, video/multimedia production and 3D mapping. We are backed up by a gang of relevant free-lancers and top notch suppliers that we hire according to the specific needs of our clients and projects.

We are excited, passionate and genuine in every campaign, movie, strategy or event that we produce and this is reflected in our work. Differentiation and standing out from the crowd in a coherent and non-forgettable way is what we do best, led by the end goal -YOU, our customer.