Colleague, a play that makes you laugh, cry & think about the soul

The young Ovanes Torosyan is the script writer and director of the play and plays one of the main characters. 30-years old, Ovanes has already gained international popularity thanks to his roles in over 40 European movies. Ovanes is best known for his roles in Tilt, Ave, Eastern Plays, Losers. His stage partner is Petko Venelinov, a young and prominent actor, known best for his theater performances.

Colleague is a comedy that makes you ponder upon your own life while laughing over the ostensibly banal and funny story of two van drivers who lose their jobs. Their destiny leads them miraculous ways till they touch upon….theater. The sense of humor is acute and it blends with a food for thought while the Soul speaks with a Human Voice. The voice is played by Marius Kurkinski, one of the biggest actors/directors in Bulgaria.

Opremedia is also the manager of Ovanes Torosyan, his booking agent and friend.