Viasat acquires EuroGPS, Official Reception Military Club

OBJECTIVE: VIASAT GROUP, the leader in the telematics business in Europe with businesses operations throughout the world acquires EuroGPS, the leader in the telematics business in South Eastern Europe. Due to the high technological development, high tech innovations and smart solutions EuroGPS provides, the goal behind the deal is to transform EuroGPS into a think-tank and R&D center for the Group.

RESULT: Viasat Group hires OPREMEDIA to create, produce and execute its kick off launch campaign aimed at promoting the deal and re-branding of EuroGPS into Viasat Technology. OPREMEDIA provides full service: from production of the multimedia content, press release, inviting of guests, organizing a press conference and a VIP formal reception. The reception is held at the most elitist Military Club in Sofia, built in late 19th century, which with lights and sound creates a high-tech yet very stylish and noble ambiance. History and modernity meet to catapult the audience into a cosmic height of experiences boosted by transcendent multimedia video mapping tailor-made for the occasion, exquisite gourmet food & cocktails and an avante-guard live band. The VIP list of attendees provided by OPREMEDIA includes names such as: President Plevneliev, The Italian Ambassador in Sofia, the CEO of Unicredit Bulbank, high impact entrepreneurs, high-ranking politicians, one mayor and many more.